Dental treatments for kids in Nicaragua

Negena en Souhir

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Millions of children live on the streets in Latin America without a home and a future. WereldOuders offers structural help to these homeless children, whom are admitted to family homes. In addition to love, attention and care, they also receive training and education.

That is why we as dentistry students together with Jan and Berthelle would like to offer help to the homes in Jinotepe and Ometepe in March 2018. Would you like to help us collect money for dental materials?

This allows us to treat the children and employees in the family home. The remaining amount will be donated the children's home.

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€150 23-02-2018 | 08:45
€50 12-02-2018 | 11:56
€25 11-02-2018 | 16:59
€75 08-02-2018 | 18:48 Mooi initiatief! iedere stap wereld stukje beter!
€15 05-02-2018 | 14:45