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From November, the 17th up to 2017 you can Take part in the Nicaragua Volcano Challenge. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Nicaragua in the knowledge that the sponsor money that you have raised will make a big difference to the children in our family homes.

The Nicaragua Volcano Challenge offers the unique opportunity of combining a sporting event with a meaningful contribution to a good cause. During this nine-day mountain bike trip, organized by WereldOuders, you will cycle more than 400 kilometres through the magnificent inlands of Nicaragua. You will get to know a world that normally stays hidden to tourists. You will stay in the WereldOuders family homes and will meet the children who will benefit from this trip. This way every participant will experience why it is important to support WereldOuders. It is an unforgettable experience.

The Nicaragua Volcano Challenge aims at everybody who wants to contribute to a good cause and who has enough stamina and willpower to face this sportive challenge. The trip is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced mountain bikes, although it is required to be basically fit and in a good shape.


Nicaragua Volcano Challenge

  • 17th November up to and including 26th November 2017
  • A nine-day trip with 6 days of cycling
  • Participants use their own mountain bike
  • On average, you will cycle 70 km per day
  • A maximum of 35 participants
  • The costs for this trip are 1.900 and an additional registration fee of €100
  • Each participant is also required to raise €3.500 as sponsor money


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Monique Uppelschoten



The Nicaragua Volcano Challenge takes place from 17th to 26th November, 2017. With a group, no larger than 35 people, you will discover inland Nicaragua. See with your own eyes the work of WereldOuders in Nicaragua. The Nicaragua Volcano Challenge is suitable for anyone that has enough willpower to take on this sporting challenge and is committed to this worthy cause. This route can be cycled, by both beginners and experienced mountain bikers’. It is recommended that you attend the clinics prior to departure. A good basic level of fitness is required. Read here about the participation conditions.


The cost of taking part in the Nicaragua Volcano Challenge 2017 is €1,900. The enrolment fee is €100. In addition to these costs each participant is required to raise at least €3,500 in sponsorship, which will go directly to the family house Casa Padre Wasson and the children of Nicaragua. Read here about the sponsorship.

What is included in the participation fee?

  • Flights and bicycle transport
  • All transfers within Nicaragua
  • Baggage transport in Nicaragua
  • All over night accommodation
  • All meals are included (excluding meals in Granada on the last day)
  • In the first text it was implied that evening meals where available to purchase at all over night locations??? Which is correct?
  • Medical assistance and care
  • Technical support
  • Support with 4WD, including a support vehicle
  • GSP
  • Preparation meetings such as mountain bike clinics and fund raising workshops.

Which costs do you need to cover?

  • Vaccinations and protection against malaria
  • ESTA travel visa (US $14)
  • Bicycle box (roughly €20 to €25)
  • Mountain bike and (personal) equipment
  • Extra food, drinks and snacks
  • Meals and drinks on the last day (in Granada)
  • Medical assistance during travel Do you mean travel insurance including medical cover? As you say that medical care will be available.

Read here about required visas and vaccinations.

During the Volcano Challenge a local doctor and a doctor from the Netherlands will be travel with us. They will assist if any medical care is required.

Your own mountain bike

Participants must bring their own mountain bikes. It is not possible to hire a suitable mountain bike in Nicaragua. These bikes will not meet the requirements needed for the Nicaragua Volcano Challenge. Not sure if your mountain bike is suitable and safe for the tough tracks in Nicaragua? Then please get in touch with Patrick van der Weegen, ( or you can call on 071 33 10 101). He will be able to advise you. Good equipment is essential during the Nicaragua Volcano Challenge. Read here about the equipment that you will need.

Bicycle Transport

Your bicycle will be transported with the cargo. You will need to organize the packaging of your own bicycle. A lot of bicycle shops sell bicycle boxes. You can also get this at the ‘bagagedepot’ (baggage depot) in Schiphol Airport. It is located in the basement under the central staircase between Departures 1 & 2. This cost roughly €23 for a box with the dimensions of 175 x 99 x 21 cm (subject to availability). Here is a more detailed explanation about bicycle transport.


Sometimes things do not always go as planned. You can enroll and it is possible to cancel, subject to the terms and conditions. The enrolment fee is €100 and this is non refundable. Read here about the specific terms of cancellation and refunds in the payment and cancellation terms.




The Journey

During the Nicaragua Volcano Challenge you will travel for nine days through the spectacular and sub-tropical land of Nicaragua. Your accommodation will be in simple guest houses, hostels and in the family home of WereldOuders. All accommodation is provided on a bed and breakfast basis. Dinner will be available at all overnight locations. During the day you will receive a packet lunch for when you are cycling. Participants will need to provide their own energy bars and energy powders for drinks. Please bring these with you from the Netherlands. The local shops and stalls have a very limited selection. The organization will provide snacks, fruit and water for on the road.

You will be flying from Schiphol to Managua. You will need to organize your own transportation to and from Schiphol Airport. Transportation from Managua Airport to the family house of ‘Casa Padre Wasson’ will be with a school bus from WereldOuders. WereldOuders will organize all transfers while you are in Nicaragua.


The Tracks

Day 1: Bienvenidos Nicaragua

You will fly from Amsterdam to Managua International Airport (Managua Aeropuerto Internacional). You will be arriving in the evening, local time, at the airport. A local team will meet all the cyclists, with a school bus, and transport everyone to the family house ‘Casa Padre Wasson’ in Jinotepe. This is approximately a 1.5 hours transfer. You will stay at this location for two nights.  


Day 2: Meeting the children in Jinotepe (25 km)

This day is all about ‘Meet the kids’. The day begins at 7am with a communal breakfast, after which the riders can get to know the team from WereldOuders. Following on from breakfast there will be a tour of the ‘Casa Padre Wasson’, and a chance to meet the children. Playing, kicking a ball about or talking etc. Each cyclist will be paired with one of the children from the house.

There is a cycling route of 25 km planned as a gentle start on your first day. The route will take you over a small part of the Pan-American Highway before traveling through tropical forests with an exciting descent through wide paths and thick mud. For 21 km of the route we will be on dirt roads passing small settlements, forests and farms. This will give you a chance to see all the amazing colours within the tropical rainforest. There is a high chance that you will see monkeys! We will stay in the ‘Casa Padre Wasson’ house overnight.


Day 3: Rainforest Challenge (80 km)


We will say goodbye to the children at ‘Casa Padre Wasson’. This is the start of the really hard work with a distance of 80 km, of which 70 km will be on dirt tracks. It will be a challenging ride with high-speed slopes! We will cycle over the Pan-American Highway, via Jinotepe into the tropical forest. Covering wide and muddy paths that will present different technical challenges as we make our descent towards the Pacific Coast. We will stay overnight in a hotel/guesthouse in Popoyo. Enjoying a warm evening meal on the beach.


Day 4: River Challenge (80 km)


This day we have a route of 80 km where 75 km will be on dirt tracks. We will cycle along the coast over wide gravel tracks and small mud tracks. Traveling along the Pacific coast to the coast of Lake Nicaragua; truly Coast to Coast! Seeing the ocean and the vibrant green landscape on our journey. The rainy season has finished, but we will still frequently need to cross over rivers as a result.

We will make a short visit to the former family house ‘Casa Asis’ from WereldOuders. This is where the youngest children where brought up until a few years ago (now all the children live at ‘Casa Padre Wasson’). The former house is located by Lake Nicaragua, with beautiful views across to the island of Ometepe and the volcano that we will see at close range on day 5. We will take a boat across to the isla (island) of Ometepe. We will have drinks and snacks on board the boat and stay overnight in a beautiful place on this extraordinary island.


Day 5: The Queens Ride (80 km)


This will be a ride with a distance of 80 km, where 47 km will be on dirt tracks. It will be the toughest route of the whole journey. We will start slowly over a cobbled track over the island. Very quickly we will dip into the gravel tracks and single tracks. Traveling through the small villages into the rustic landscape, we will make our way to the Maderas Volcano. The only other forms of transport on this island are trucks and terrain vehicles. When you are at the furthest point it will take a few hours before you will reach the volcano.

We will visit the beautiful family house ‘Casa Santiago’, which is situated close to the Concepcion volcano. The volcano is still active and as a result the children where moved a few years ago to the more extensive ‘Casa Padre Wasson’ in Jinotepe. This location is still used as a training centre.



Day 6: Panorama Day (80 km)


This route is 80 km where 67 km will be on dirt tracks. We will begin early just like every other day and the Nicaraguans themselves. We will sail in a special boat to the mainland. It is special because it used to be a ferry boat to Ameland (Dutch island)! The Dutch text and photographs can still be seen onboard the vessel. Today we will cycle through the heart (corazón) of the land: A hilly terrain with a lot of climbs and descents. Wide and small paths which will give us stunning views as we ride along. A beautiful route, but one not to be underestimated with all the challenging climbs and drops.

We will stay in the family house ‘Casa Padre Wasson’ in Jinotepe overnight. This is also where we will stay for the first two nights of the trip. It will feel like coming home after all the experiences of the previous days.

In the evening we will meet the children and there is the opportunity to play games and to chat. This will not be a late night, because the following day the final stage of our cycling route is waiting for us!




Day 7 – Volcano Day (60 km)


Today we will cycle 60 km, where 55 km will be on dirt tracks. The two volcanoes on the island of Ometepe as well as the Mombacho volcano are the inspiration for the name of this tour: Nicaragua Volcano Challenge. On this day we will cycle to Granada, a beautiful colonial city at the foot of the Mombacho volcano. The single track is not long but definitely tough, as we will cycle through dense vegetation at the foot of the volcano at Granada.

The day will end with a celebration dinner and champagne on the edge of the swimming pool at the hotel in Granada. We did it!



Day 8 – Granada Volcano

The city of Granada is an important touristic hotspot for Nicaragua and rightly so! This beautiful city, with its Spanish colonial style, lies at the foot of the Mombacho volcano. Close by is the picturesque place of Masaya, where there is a traditional market. After breakfast we will depart at 10 am to visit the poorest part of Granada. We will visit the family of one of our former children. We will let you see where this boy came from and why the work of WereldOuders is so terribly important.

When we return we will pack away all the bicycles and make them ready for transportation. After that you will have the opportunity to explore Granada. In the delightful city centre, there are lots of restaurants serving delicious food. Enjoy the last day in Nicaragua, because the following morning we will be departing early to go to the airport and travel back home….

Dag 9 – Adiós Nicaragua

Terugvlucht naar Nederland. We arriveren de volgende ochtend (dag 10) op Schiphol vanwege het tijdsverschil met Nicaragua.


Day 9 – Adios Nicaragua

Our return flight to the Netherlands. We will arrive the following morning (day 10) at Schiphol, due to t

 The Objective

Taking part is not just a sporting achievement, but at the same time will you be helping to support disadvantaged children in Nicaragua. Your sponsor money will be spent on the children and projects of WereldOuders in Nicaragua.


WereldOuders Foundation

WereldOuders offers structural help and support to homeless children in nine countries in Latin America. The children are taken into the family houses where alongside love, attention and care they will also receive schooling to at least the level of a vocational training. Some children go on to study further. The children will remain at the family houses until they are independent adults. In this way they have a chance of a better future. Not just for themselves but also to strengthen their own community.


With your participation in the Nicaragua Volcano Challenge you give a previously disadvantaged child the chance to have:

  • A safe and loving home in a protected environment.
  • A complete education: from primary school to at least the level of a vocational education and possibly university.
  • The medical and general care that all parents wish to give to their children.
  • A good basis for an independent future.